ILLEGAL! Magazine is a street paper that deals with culture and drugs – the positives and negatives of drug cultures across social classes, all over the world.


ILLEGAL! challenges the War On Drugs – because knowledge is mightier than war – to further an open, honest and nuanced debate surrounding drugs in society, while disseminating unbiased information that is otherwise not readily available to the public.


ILLEGAL! wants to shift the focus from drugs to the person, pushing for the decriminalization of people who use drugs.


ILLEGAL! is sold by street minorities in Denmark and the UK. All profits go to the vendor.


ILLEGAL! is created by an international civil society network engaged with the issue on many levels. Journalists, artists, drug experts and many others join in an unpaid effort to create this magazine, which in itself is a small step toward decriminalization of street users, who sell the magazine as an alternative source of revenue to crime and prostitution.


ILLEGAL! Magazine, which began in 2013, is released in quarterly editions with a circulation of 10,000.


ILLEGAL! empowering vulnerable people.