ILLEGAL! is created through an open source process, whereby many people from all over the world are involved on various different levels and stages. Some people contribute to just one issue and others stay with the project for longer periods of time. The common cause lies in the perception that we should write and talk openly and unbiasedly toward both the upsides, downsides, the good and the bad of drugs in our society, because people will use drugs whether we like it or not. The existing taboos and criminalisation tactics have resulted in zero progression.


ILLEGAL! Magazine deals with the connection between drugs and culture, with all raw content deriving from this perspective in a range of diverse approaches. ILLEGAL! is both strongly political, very honest of drug culture and highly curious when new things occur or are brought to light.


Submissions in whatever form are highly welcomed. From articles to poems, intoxicated rants over diaries, art projects, imagery to documentary material and of course historical perspectives. We are shapeshifters by nature and wish to stay awake in the future as well, there is NOTHING that is too weird, too serious or too funny that we couldn’t handle.


If you wish to contribute to the magazine and submit an article for future editions, please contact:


Louis Jensen,
Editor-in-chief of ILLEGAL Magazine UK,

Style of writing and formats vary and all input is greatly appreciated. Do something ILLEGAL! today!




We always need people to reach out and help with distribution, logistics, production and new ideas. Volunteers are under no obligation and more than welcome to stay with the team for shorter or longer periods of time!
If you wish to get involved at some level, please contact Louis or Thomas.


Editor and organizer
Louis Jensen


Thomas Pålsson


Michael Lodberg Olsen


Do something ILLEGAL! today!




ILLEGAL began in Denmark as a consequence of local social circumstances. Later, the UK built an editorial team and distribution system based on an engaged community of volunteers and organisers. Now that’s up-and-running and we’re looking for more countries to join us.
If you are interested in starting an ILLEGAL editorial group and/or a distribution for street sales in your city or country, please drop us a line and we will talk.